what it means to be an ehjuma candidate

We at ehjuma define a candidate as an individual with employable skills, a track record of delivery through diligence, and verifiable credentials. Candidates are able to edit and update their profile and apply for jobs all within their profile

You don't need a paid account to apply to any jobs through us, but our other services are all paid services.

How to applysteps

Applying for jobs through ehjuma is very simple

Create Profile

Sign up for an candidate account

Upload CV

Build your profile and upload your CV

Apply for jobs

Find a job and apply to it.

comprehensive list of active job openings both locally and international that ehjuma is interviewing for now

Our Commitment to ehjuma Candidates

Premium Services

At ehjuma, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a tailor made service that fits our clients and works for them. Our products are developed in such a way that they deal with the core needs of our candidates to ensure they receive the optimum attention from employers and stand better opportunities to employment.

Our service ensures employment opportunities thereby leading to more secured and filled job roles. and lower offer cancellations.

Our general recruitment process involves advertising the jobs after they have been confirmed, reviewing candidates and selecting the most appropriate candidates based on how much information we have and doing a prompt background check to confirm this information.

Selected candidates are shortlisted and the final picks presented to the client. Final interviews are handled and notification of offer is provided to successful candidates

Our placement service is designed to assist candidates looking for particular roles and requiring enough preparation to find those roles. Our placement clients are usually very explicit about their employment needs and usually have to work extra to get it.

We offer a service that reduces the bottlenecks in this process and allows a prospective candidate to achieve a preferred placement.

With this service, we work together with the candidate to develop a professional profile that is better appealing to the general employer and some specific industry recruiters. Our team of experts will develop a resume and online profile that will enable you to gain the attention of employers and recruiters alike.

We will walk you through the process of highlighting your past endeavors and projecting them in the right light with the right language to ensure recruiter interest. it is most important to understand that recruiters have to read hundreds of CVs a day and will usually not spend more that 3 mins per CV. to gain their attention you will need to make sure your profile stands out.

In today's world, employers and recruiters have to deal with false statements by the hundreds and thousands daily through both their CVs, application letters and even career references and academic certifications. To assure our employer clients that we have top quality candidates we have developed a 1st level system of verification that our employers trust and have confidently used over time.

you can have your profile verified by our systems and enjoy the added value of presenting it to employers across the country.

  • Premium Registration
  • GHC10.00
    per One Time
  • Updates on Active Job Openings
  • Profile suggestion to clients
  • Profiling Interview - Digital
  • 1 Guaranteed employer interview
  • CV Development
  • GHC50.00
    per One Time
  • Professionally developed Resume
  • Referee Consent & Input
  • Industry Specific to Highlight your skills & potential
  • Profile advice for Linkedin.com
  • Priority Profile
  • GHC85.00
    per 12 Months
  • Professional Profile & CV Review
  • Profile Verification
  • Updates on All Active Jobs
  • Employer Pitching - With Monthly Reports
Very impressed with the service quality in candidate selection and preparation. Having worked with ehjuma since early 2012, I can confidently say they are meticulous with their selection process, as they understand that, it is the critical point of recruitment. Now, i rely on ehjuma as an extension of our in house human resource operations

Stephen Amaning

HR Manager, Moeba Investments

Constance Josiah

HR Manager, African Support Network
Then at ASN Finance, I can confidently recommend ehjuma innovative workforce to all HR Managers looking to build winning teams
,then at ASN Finance, I can confidently recommend ehjuma innovative workforce to all HR Managers looking to build winning teams

Randy Sarfo

CEO, Randybay imports
Some Clients & Strategic Partners