Build a winning team

The right attitude is essential for winning in the market place

It is important that employers understand that exceptional classroom performance does not necessarily translate into great performing employee. The right attitude is needed to properly fit within an organization and make it work. Lets us help you build a team that is set to succeed in today's hyper competitive world.


Registered Applicants

With a database of over 50,000 applicants, you are sure to find a match for the roles that you need to fill as quickly you need them.

Our process works

Our employee request process is structured in such a way as to provide the employer with a questionnaire that will allow them to fully describe all the skills and attributes the require in a suitable candidate.

We post adverts on all our mediums to attract suitable candidates for review and shortlisting. Shortlisted candidates are further interviewed by telephone to ensure they are able to express them selves well according to the details of their application

Candidates are then required to have a face to face interview after background checks and references have been conducted. The final list of candidates is shared with the employer for final review and selection.

Successful candidates are notified and employer provides placement letters with offer details for the candidate. Candidates are then given an opportunity to review the offer and accept or decline or negotiate the terms of the offer. Candidates are then placed and the role is signed of as filled.

Reviewd candidates by industry sector over the last year
  • Adminstrative
  • Technology
  • Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Vocational
  • Unskliied
  • Transportation

Employee Recruitment

We employ a very robust system of selection to ensure our partners and employers have the very best of candidate stock to work with.

Staff Placement

This is a service designed for organizations in need of contract staff for short, medium and long term engagement. Both skilled and unskilled personnel.

Internship & NSS

A service designed to help brilliant candidates looking to earn experience by proving themselves in real world environments.

At pro soft we require consistent delivery from employees, and finding candidates to fill our roles satisfactorily has been quite challenging over the years. Working with ehjuma has been a seamless process and we have much better candidates to work with than before.

Stephen Manu

Marketing Manager
The rapid response that ehjuma delivers to employers is god sent. After struggling to fill over 25 roles, we contacted ehjuma and the placement process has become so much more fluid.

Sefakor Gyan

HR Manager, Dream Finance
I didn't think a recruitment service could help place vocational candidates who are properly trained and certified. I am happy to recommend them anytime

Nelson Nyarko

Opoku Glass and Doors
Clients & Partners